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September 2011.
In August 2011 Addy Wils and Gerritjan Cowan had a meeting in Jayapura with the newly established revitalisation committee. We explained why the Dutch Werkgroep will finalise their fund raising activities (the increasing age of the Dutch Werkgroep-members...) - and we dicussed how to proceed. A nice option seems to be to seek co-operation with HAPIN.
Mrs. Leila Suebu and Mrs. Lien Maloali told us they were very determined to make it happen that revitilisation will take place in the years to come. Several improvements to the buildings have already taken place.
Invited by Leila we were on 27 August at the celebration of the 60 years existence of the HBS / SMA Gabungan. It was very stimulating to be at the feast. We were moved and impressed. Leila, thank you very much for the invitation. Lien, many thanks to you too.
On 29 August we had a meeting with Jaap van der Werf, local HAPIN representative, to discuss co-operation possibilities. We concluded that co-operation seems well possible indeed, and will take up contact with HAPIN representaties in the Netherlands.

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Impressions of our visit to Jayapura - clicking on a picture below will give a larger picture: